Jan 9, 2011

House Democrats adjust to life with no power

Barney Frank and Henry Waxman brood over life in the House with no power.

Barney Frank says he’ll have “more free time” on his hands.

Henry Waxman says “I don’t think it was fair that we lost this time around,” he says, blaming the Democrats’ downfall on the lousy economy that President Obama inherited. C'mon Waxman, Blaming Bush is so yesterday.

"Losing on a day-to-day basis and seeing the Republicans prevail when I so strongly disagree with them—that’s not going to be easy," he says. "It’s a less-than-pleasant situation."

Barney Frank left and Henry Waxman right

I suggest That Mr. Frank and Mr. Waxman get out their Big Chief tablets, number 2 pencils and proceed to the exercise outlined here.

Out of power House Democrats will have two years to brood over their misuse of power during the last two years - such as working on ObamaCare behind closed doors and then calling Republicans the "party of no" when they wouldn't vote for it.

These and other tactics of the last two years will be coming home to roost in the next two years.