Jan 17, 2011

Former dictator Jean-Claude "baby doc" Duvalier returns to Haiti

In the past 12 months, Haiti - already the western hemisphere's weakest link - has suffered a devastating earthquake that has killed more than 250,000 people and decimated the country's infrastructure.

That was followed by a cholera epidemic that has claimed thousands more lives and as if that wasn't enough the country was then hit by a political crisis tied to the fraud-tainted Nov. 28 presidential elections.

All the country needed now was the return of the brutal exiled dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier!

Duvalier's returned to Haiti comes nearly 25 years after a popular uprising against his brutal dictatorship forced him into exile.

Jean-Claude Duvalier "baby doc" is shown on left. The late Francois Duvalier "papa doc" is on the right.

Jean-Claude Duvalier is part of a father-and-son dynasty that presided over one of the darkest chapters in Haitian history.

This will bring back horrible memories for older Haitian's who remember the feared machete wielding Tonton Macoutes, a Haitian militia force under the control of dictator Francois Duvalier "papa doc", father of Jean-Claude Duvalier.

What is the purpose of the Duvalier return? Certainly not to repay the millions of dollars he plundered from Haiti when he left nearly 25 years ago. Is there any money left in Haiti for Duvalier to plunder now?

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