Jan 5, 2011

Florida man to live in lions den for month

James Jablon of Spring Hill, Florida plans to live in a fenced enclosure with two African lions.

Jablon hopes the stunt will raise money for his wildlife center, Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando.

Jablon entered the lions' den Saturday. He says he's going to sleep on hay near the lions named Lea and Ed and eat when they eat.

He says he's also going to build a place to sleep and hide in the trees in the enclosure, in case the lions fight with each other.

If worse comes to worse, they won't have too far to look for what's left of the brave man (or idiot - your choice) because the enclosure isn't really that big.

Instead of raising money, Mr. Jablon may be raising the cholesterol level of the lions. Searchers may be sifting though debris in the enclosure for what's left.

Wonder if there is much call for lion poop?