Jan 17, 2011

80-year-old international jewel thief nabbed in San Diego

Smartly dressed she would glide into a high-end jewelry store in Monte Carlo - or maybe Paris or Las Vegas - and smile at the clerk while asking to try on a ring or a watch. Oh, wait a minute, no not that one, the other one. How about this one?

After trying on and admiring several pieces, all the while chatting with the sales clerk, she decides that, no, she won’t be buying anything today.

She slips out as gracefully as she came in and the clerk goes back to work.

It will be hours before the clerk realizes one of the more expensive pieces - a ring that nice old lady had tried on - is missing.

That’s how Doris Payne, now 80, (pictured above) has been robbing jewelry stores for dozens of years.
The most time she ever served was in Colorado, where she did almost five years in prison for stealing a diamond ring from a Neiman Marcus store in 1998.