Dec 26, 2010

Sewage spill in bay where Obama is spending Hawaii vacation

What? Again? It was just last summer when the Obama's were land-bound by contaminated water while vacationing at Martha's Vineyard.

This time it is in Hawaii where sewage is impeding their recreation.

The City & County of Honolulu reports there were an estimated 14 sewage spills during the heavy rainstorm last weekend, at least four of which the state says happened in the windward community of Kailua where President Obama and his family are staying this holiday season.

Those sewage overflows rose from waterlogged manholes and went into the Kaelepulu Stream, which is one of two major waterways in the Kailua district.

One wonders if contamination is following the Obama's or are the Obama's the pursuers?

Perhaps this will be a fitting end to the 111th Congress.