Dec 2, 2010

Report: Reid and Pelosi are sitting ducks and GOP taking aim

From a report at the link below:

Congress might be in what's technically referred to as a lame-duck session, but it's looking more like a game of political chicken.

In this lame duck session, Reid and Pelosi (pictured) are sitting ducks and Republicans are taking aim.

In perhaps the brashest legislative strong-arming Republicans have mustered in months, all 42 current members of the GOP Senate conference signed a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid threatening to block his last-minute leftist agenda if it doesn't stick to issues that include tackling taxes and spending.

The letter to Reid calls for a filibuster of any legislation not directly related to time-sensitive votes that would prevent taxes from going up for all Americans.

This includes extending the Bush tax cuts and the passage of a budget, things that Democrats have long delayed doing.

By asking Democrats to focus not on their favorite social causes but the one issue Americans care about most — the one in their wallets — this letter serves as a dose of tough love for the left.