Dec 30, 2010

Prince William and Kate to have no servants

Prince William and Kate Middleton will have no servants after they get married.

The pair - who will marry in London's Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 - have decided to continue to live a simple lifestyle at William's rented cottage in Wales for the next three years while he finishes his Royal Air Force (RAF) rescue pilot training.

A senior royal source told the Daily Telegraph: "It's very much their instinct to manage on their own.

By contrast Prince Charles, father of Prince William, has 149 servants, 25 of them are personal attention servants!

The future king and queen already do their own cooking, cleaning and shopping at their Welsh cottage where they spend weekends together.

The couple are said to believe a lack of staff at their home will allow them to enjoy a closer, more intimate relationship.

However they will have round-the-clock bodyguards protecting their isolated home.