Dec 21, 2010

Most voters think ObamaCare repeal likely

According to a Rasmussen survey most U.S. voters believe Republicans will make good on their efforts to repeal ObamaCare.

A telephone survey found that 52 percent of likely voters think it is “at least somewhat likely” the reform law will be repealed, while 33 percent believe it is unlikely.

The results include 16 percent who believe repeal is “very likely” and 5 percent who think it is “not at all likely.”

Voters increasingly believe that the law will be repealed, according to past survey results.

The number who think repeal is likely is up from 47 percent last month and up from 38 percent just weeks after President Obama signed reform into law.

ObamaCare was crammed down the throats of Republican congressmen.

Most of the bill was drafted behind closed doors by Democrats only. Then when Republicans objected they were called the "Party of No."

Look for Republicans to begin working to dismantle ObamaCare beginning in January.