Dec 19, 2010

Lugging an iPad

I'm intrigued by the iPad but before buying one I need to decide how best to lug it around.

A recent report in the New York Times says it's the "iPad dilemma" -- too big to slip into a pants pocket, too stiff to be curled up like a magazine and too precious to leave unprotected.

With its rigid tablet shape, Apple's iPad has raised an awkward consideration for many men: how to carry it in a manner that is practical and yet, well, masculine.

An iPad vest as pictured may be an option for some but not for me.

I tried on a pair of cargo pants and it took about three seconds to decide they weren't for me.

A briefcase is out. I carried one for years as an auditor and accountant and enough is enough.

A backpack is also out of the question. Never carried one and am not inclined to start now.

A shoulder sling looks too much like a purse and I'd rather not be pursued by someone with a contralto lisp asking me out to dinner.

And what if I get a Bluetooth keyboard to use with the iPad? That would just be something else to lug along.

Scott Stein of CNet, as reported here, has been searching for the perfect iPad/Netbook man-purse and has assigned a 'humiliation index' to each.