Dec 6, 2010

Big brother considers disabling cell phones in your car

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (pictured) is looking into technology that can disable cell phones in vehicles.

What about Ford SYNC, Chrysler Uconnect and GM OnStar? Will LaHood take aim at these after he successfully disables our handheld phones?

Who will be the first fatality because a driver couldn't call 911 while trapped in his car after a collision?

We could get run over by a big Mac truck while crossing a street. Maybe LaHood should request legislation banning street crossings.

There are other driver distractions that are potentially dangerous such as applying make-up or nail polish while driving. I even saw one girl driving with a bare foot on the steering wheel applying polish to her toenails!

We have all seen drivers with their heads turned around so they could talk to back seat passengers face-to-face.

And what about reading while driving? We passed more than one person reading a book propped up on the steering wheel while driving on the Interstate.

The auto cell phone ban report is here.