Nov 29, 2010

WikiLeaks has made public thousands of State Department documents

What is WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks claims it is a nonprofit organization funded by human rights campaigners, journalists and the general public.

WikiLeaks promotes the leaking of information to fight government and corporate corruption

The WikiLeaks website was launched in 2006 by founder Julian Assange (pictured). Mr. Assange is an Australian who spends much of his time in Sweden because their media laws are among the worlds most protective for journalists.

In addition, Sweden's Pirate Party, which advocates reform of copyright law, has agreed to host WikiLeaks' servers, giving it additional legal protection.

Where did WikiLeaks get sensitive and secret documents?

Allegedly from a disenchanted, low-level Army intelligence analyst who exploited a security loophole.

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On Sunday November 28 the 'whistle-blower' site WikiLeaks began publishing more than 250,000 cables from U.S. embassies worldwide.

WikiLeaks has shared the entire archive of secret cables with at least four European publications, has promised country-specific documents to many other news outlets, and has said it plans to ultimately post its trove online.

The documents include some 250,000 individual cables, the daily traffic between the State Department and more than 270 American diplomatic outposts around the world.

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