Nov 7, 2010

White House unprepared for legal onslaught

From a report at the link below:

Democratic strategists say President Barack Obama needs to act fast to make sure that one of the most tangible consequences of the Republican takeover of the House — an army of GOP committee chairman seeking confidential executive branch deliberations — doesn’t swamp the day-to-day work of the White House.

Veterans of the contentious battles of the Clinton administration warn that the Obama White House is entirely unprepared for the level of scrutiny it is about to experience.

Elections have consequences.

After the 2008 election, the administration had control of Washington with a wide majority in both the House and Senate.

Under the guise of transparency, ObamaCare was drawn up largely behind closed doors.

Now, with a large Republican majority, the administration will be held accountable.

Legislative gridlock may be the least of the White House’s worries over the next two years if its staff must respond to dozens of subpoenas seeking details on the implementation of the health care reform law, stimulus spending, etc.