Nov 23, 2010

The Taliban leader in peace talks was an imposter

It was Amateur Hour at the U.S. State department.

The hallmark of the American approach to Afghanistan has been to negotiate with the Taliban.

American diplomats, at the direction of the Obama Administration, have been sitting down for detailed negotiations with Mullah Mansour, a senior commander of the Taliban. This has been Obama’s great solution to the Afghan mess.

Now it turns out the person they thought was Mansour was an impostor.

American officials discovered this after three meetings, including one that was held with Afghan President Karzai.

One of the diplomats involved in the negotiations said "we gave him a lot of money."

Evidently the man occupying the White House lacks even more experience than we thought. He seems to have acquired a lot of novice advisers and naïve diplomats who have embarrassed us on the world stage.