Nov 14, 2010

Struggling Newsweek joins fledgling Daily Beast

Sidney Harman (pictured) purchased Newsweek in August for $1. Mr. Harmon agreed to absorb Newsweek’s considerable financial liabilities.

Actually, the $1 may have been too much even without taking on the magazines huge debt and other financial obligations.

How can Newsweek, or Daily Beast for that matter, gain strength by bonding with a looser?

Newsweek was a good read at one time -- but that was 30 years ago.

From one commenter:

Newsweek, a once honorable newsmagazine has stooped to MSNBC's mantra of all liberal - all the time.

Will their names change? How about News Beast or Daily Weak? Or, how about Beastly News?

Oh, rats - these suggestions are too late -they have already decided on a name.

The combined entity is to be called the Newsweek Daily Beast Co.

The name of the magazine itself will not change nor will the name of the Daily Beast website.