Nov 26, 2010

Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdock to launch an iPad only newspaper

A 'Technically Incorrect' report in CNet News wonders about the official unveiling of the "iPaper." Will they both appear on stage in reverse rolls with Steve Jobs (pictured) in a suit and Rupert Murdoch in baggy Levi's and a black turtleneck?

Some think the future of a news entity exclusively for the iPad is about as absurd as the reverse roll mentioned above.

It will be called The Daily and it will, according to CNet, have as its pulsating spirit "a tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence."

Oh, and there is a price for this melange of the tabloid heart with a broadsheet mind. A ticklingly enticing 99 cents a week.

The Daily will, apparently not enjoy such dated concepts as a print edition or even a Web edition. Instead it will be beamed straight to the iPad (or Galaxy, if you can afford one) from News Corp.'s high pod somewhere in Manhattan.

Apple's role in this interesting enterprise seems to rest in offering engineering expertise, and, of course, the existence of many millions of iPads waiting to host the new iPad-o-newsthingy.

I have a non-technical reason it may fail. With no hard copy, what will we use to line birdcages?