Nov 7, 2010

Pelosi won't relinquish power - will run for House minority leader

Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't letting go of power easily.

For shell-shocked House Democrats who held on in tough districts Tuesday, a new nightmare is unfolding before their eyes: Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who acted as a drag on campaigns across the country, isn't letting go of power.

Pelosi announced on Twitter on Friday afternoon that she is running for Democratic leader, a stunning move after many political insiders thought she would step aside after Tuesday’s electoral rout for Democrats.

Will anger from the remaining Democrats in the House keep Pelosi from getting the votes she needs to be the minority leader?

Most of the moderate Democrats were voted out. The remaining House Democrats will be much more liberal and more inclined to keep Pelosi in a leadership position.

Republicans, meanwhile, are virtually giddy over the fact that Democrats are now poised to keep both the House and Senate leadership team in the next Congress.

One Democrat lawmaker said, We cannot get back to the majority if Nancy Pelosi is our leader.