Nov 28, 2010

New Jersey motorists want to pump own gas - legally

From a report at the link below:

People in New Jersey pick their own strawberries. They chop down their own Christmas trees. They check themselves in at airports and check themselves out at supermarkets.

Lately, a few New Jerseyans have been wondering whether it isn't about time they were allowed to pump their own gas.

New Jersey banned self-service gas stations in 1949 fearing that unprofessional pumpers would blow themselves up. Really.

Pumping your own gas is also illegal in Oregon, and in the New York town of Huntington, on Long Island.

I miss the time when attendants filled the gas tank, cleaned the windshield, checked the oil and checked the tires. But that was when things went at a slower pace and I didn't mind the wait for an attendant and I didn't worry about anyone stealing my card number.

Now I like not waiting - just swipe the card and start pumping.