Nov 9, 2010

Just one of the many problems with ObamaCare

Did any of the lawmakers even read the bill?

The report linked to below details just one unintend consequence of the bill:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration estimates that it will take the food service industry 14 million additional hours each year to comply with a new regulation that mandates chain restaurants and vending machine operators label the products they sell with a calorie count in a place visible to the consumer.

Most of the burden of the regulation, which is buried in the 2,000+ page ObamaCare bill, will fall on the vending industry.

In the Nov. 5 edition of the Federal Register, the FDA estimates “a total of 14,068,808 recurring hours for third party disclosure” in conjunction with the regulation.

The liberal do-gooder's, who want to regulate everything, knew they couldn't outlaw certain foods so they buried this calorie count mandate somewhere within the 2000+ ObamaCare bill with little thought to the burden placed on the business community nor the non-effect it would have on consumers.

Does anyone actually think the calorie count mandate will make people healthier? How many people will read the fine-print?

Won't vending machines sell as many Twinkies as before and won't McDonald's sell as many Big Mac's as before?

This is just one small item in the monstrous bill that lawmakers didn't know was there.

As Nancy Pelosi said, "you will find out what's in it when it is passed."

It was votes for ObamaCare that nearly wiped out the Democrat caucus in the House and voters will not be satisfied until most of the monstrous ObamaCare bill, such as the provision outlined above, is revised or eliminated.

Lurking in the 2,000+ pages of the ObamaCare bill (shown below) are undoubtedly many problems few people know about.

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