Nov 20, 2010

How safe are hybrid cars in an accident?

Two years ago Motorweek warned, stay back from a hybrid in an accident. Has anything changed since then?

Hybrid-electric vehicles are as safe as conventional vehicles, but because of their high-voltage battery systems, accidents involving hybrids can pose an extra risk to the EMTs, police and firemen responding to the scene. That's why the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium has developed a curriculum and training program for First Responders to safely identify and deal with hybrid-electric vehicles.

The photo below shows a "run-away" Prius after it was involved in a horrible accident caused by a stuck throttle.

The report at the link below continues:

The most popular hybrid, Toyota's Prius, is among those that can run silently in battery mode - and since it uses a keyless remote, the car can remain powered up even when no key is visible. In this mode, pressing the throttle could cause the car to move unexpectedly, so immobilizing the car is important.

Are any of the concerns about hybrids involved in collisions still valid with the newest models?

How many hybrid buyers even think of these potential problems?