Nov 18, 2010

Democrats keep Pelosi as House leader

House Democrats have re-elected Nancy Pelosi (pictured) as their leader in the next Congress where she will be the new House minority leader.

The closed-door vote Wednesday will let the California congresswoman shift from House speaker to minority leader in January, despite concerns by some Democrats that the party needs new leadership after suffering huge midterm election losses and pinned party's losses on stubbornly high unemployment.

Pelosi has refused to take the blame.

But wasn't it her relentless effort to cram Obama-care through by cajoling and bribes that angered enough voters to give Democrats a 'shellacking' [Obama's description] on November 2?

Can't you just hear Republicans applauding? Keeping Pelosi as leader of House Democrats may be a gift to Republicans -- a gift that may keep on giving all the way to the 2012 elections.