Nov 16, 2010

Congressman Rangel convicted of ethics violations

A House ethics panel has found Congressman Charlie Rangel (pictured), a long-serving Democrat lawmaker, guilty on 11 counts of breaking House rules.

The reason for the rapid trial of Rangel is to get it done during the lame-duck session when the Democrats still have the majority in the House but more importantly Democrats will be in charge of the punishment for the ethics challenged Rangel.

The ethics trial of 80-year-old Rangel is an embarrassment for Democrats who are still reeling from losing their majority in the House to Republicans in the Nov. 2 election. Rangel has represented New York's Harlem district for 40 years.

Possible punishments include a House vote deploring Rangel's conduct, a fine and denial of privileges.

Look for Rangel to receive the House vote deploring his conduct or some other "slap on the wrist."