Nov 16, 2010

Biggest underreported election story is the GOP takeover in states

From a report in the Washington Post:

The intense focus on the coming struggles between President Obama and congressional Republicans obscures one of the most important and underreported results of the midterm elections: the GOP takeover in the states.

Republicans picked up at least 675 state legislative seats Nov. 2. As with the increases in the House, that gain is the biggest any party has made in state legislative seats since 1938 and is far larger than the GOP's tally in its 1994 landslide.

Changes in four states mentioned in the report:

Michigan changed from a Democrat majority of 64-42 to a Republican majority of 63-47.

Minnesota changed from a Democrat Majority of 87-47 to a Republican majority of 72-62.

Iowa changed from a 12-seat Democrat advantage to a 20-seat Republican advantage.

Texas has a Republican gain of at least 23 seats.

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