Nov 18, 2010

Australian twins shot in suicide pact at Colorado gun range

Authorities in Arapahoe County, Colorado say two Australian 29-year-old twins shot themselves on Monday in a suicide pact at the Family Shooting Center, a shooting range near Denver. One girl survived, the other girl did not.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office says they spoke Thursday with the 29-year-old twin who survived the shooting. She confirmed to deputies that the two planned to commit suicide together, each firing a bullet into their head. The surviving twin is listed in serious condition.

Based on evidence and video surveillance, deputies believe the woman's statement. They say talking to the surviving twin was an important part of their investigation, but added she wouldn't say why the twins decided on a suicide pact.

The twins, from Victoria, Australia, had been staying in Colorado for about five weeks prior to the shootings. They were in the United States on a cultural exchange visa.