Nov 17, 2010

After a sound beating Democrats argue over Pelosi's power

Behind closed doors, Nancy Pelosi (pictured) argued that she was demonized in Republican campaign ads precisely because she is the party’s political rainmaker.

The fact is, Pelosi presided over the loss of at least 60 Democratic seats earlier this month. How can she not accept much of the blame?

The leadership election follows on the heels of a brutally long, contentious and divisive leadership meeting Tuesday, and it will determine not only whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains the head of the House Democratic contingent but just how much authority she will wield in the new Congress come January.

The majority of House Democrats who were voted out at the polls earlier this month were more centrist than most of the Democrats who were re-elected. This will make the Democrat caucus in the House even more liberal after January 2.

However, for the remainder of 2010, many of the lame-duck Democrats will blame Pelosi for their loss at the polls and will do their best to keep her from retaining a leadership roll.