Sep 9, 2010

SC Congressman bans cameras and audio during debate

From a report at the link below:

John Spratt (pictured) will debate his Republican challenger Mick Mulvaney but the only people who will get to see any of it have already bought tickets to the sold out dinner at a South Carolina Lions Club.

Reporters will be allowed, but Spratt's campaign asked for no audio or video recording of the debate between the candidates.

Though not mentioned in the report, Rep. Spratt has Parkinson's disease.

The Spratt campaign may be banning cameras to avoid filming Spratt's involuntary movements caused by Parkinson's. But why ban audio recording?

Spratt has held his office since 1983 and is now in a tough re-election fight. His Republican challenger Mick Mulvaney criticizes the video and audio ban during the debate.

The purpose of political debates is to allow voters to watch and hear the candidate's express their view of the issues.