Sep 11, 2010

New Book by Gordon Kainer

Text from the back cover:

Grace: What's it all about?

Get ready for good news! Grace is the very heart of the gospel, an all pervasive melody ringing through the Bible. It is liberating, life-giving and amazingly comforting. It is our certainty of eternal life and acceptance with God. In the Christian life, grace is all-encompassing, but can only be grasped "one inch at a time." Apart from grace all our religious beliefs are bad news, thus this books advice, Grace: never leave home without it!

Grace: Why so Amazing?

More good news! The grace that Jesus offers is absolute and all inclusive; something we never deserve or earn. It provides us with the most refreshing spiritual rest we will ever know. Grace is the underlying solution to life's everyday problems and menacing crisis that threatens our planet. When rightly understood, grace points exclusively and continuously to Jesus.

Grace: Why so Controversial?

Why then is the good news of God's gift of grace so difficult for some to accept? Why is it controversial even among Christians? Could it be that grace is totally unbelievable, unexpected and underserved? Is this why legalism, the enemy of grace, is so common and hard to recognize in ourselves? Grappling with these questions, the author reveals that, from Eden to our day, cradled at the very heart of the great controversy is grace.

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Gordon Kainer is a lifetime educator and author having served as an academy religion teacher for 40 years and published 7 books. He resides with his wife Jeanie in Santa Rosa, CA.

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