Sep 7, 2010

Colorado balloon boy family moves to Bradenton Florida

The Richard Heene family, known for the "balloon boy" hoax last October, have moved from Fort Collins, Colorado to Bradenton, Florida.

Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene’s probation was transferred from Larimer County to Florida at his request.

The photo above shows Richard Heene with his son, Falcon at the time of the hoax.

The Heenes became infamous after claiming October 15 that a homemade, UFO-shaped balloon had floated away with their young son, Falcon, then 6, aboard. The boy was, instead, found safe in the family garage several hours later.

Richard Heene pleaded guilty to falsely influencing authorities and his wife, Mayumi, pleaded guilty to filing a false report. Richard Heene served 90 days in jail and was placed on home detention. Mayumi Heene spent 10 weekends working at nonprofits.

The Lower photo shows Mayumi and Richard Heene at the time of their sentencing.