Sep 5, 2010

China's Great Wall (of traffic) stretches 75 miles long!

From a BBC News report:

More than 10,000 vehicles are stuck in a 120km (75-mile) traffic jam on China's Beijing to Tibet motorway.

A 100km traffic jam that had lasted nine days on the same motorway was cleared just over a week ago.

How long will this traffic jam last? So far this highway has been plugged up for five days.

The gridlocked section of the road, in the north-eastern region of Inner Mongolia, has been turned into a parking lot.

Most of the vehicles stuck in the jam, which began on Tuesday, are coal trucks heading to Beijing.

The stranded motorists complained of nowhere to attend to bathing and toilet needs.

Locals brought food to the stranded drivers. In the previous nine-day traffic jam drivers complained of price gouging by local food providers.