Aug 10, 2010

Tiger Woods at his worst

From a report on the forgettable performance of golfer Tiger Woods at Firestone:

As he has done so often on Sunday at the Bridgestone Invitational, Woods doffed his cap as he walked up toward the 18th green to warm applause from fans who occupied every seat in the grandstand.

Only there was no trophy waiting for him. This sounded more like a sympathy cheer.
The world's No. 1 player looked utterly beaten, and he was.

Tiger missed one last birdie putt to close with an embarrassing 77 giving him the highest 72-hole score — 298 — of any PGA tour event he ever played. Even as an amateur.

At least the accusations of infidelity seem to have ended. Girls have stopped popping up out of the woodwork (pun intended) with accusations.

Even the gossip magazines seem to have dropped Tiger Woods stories like he was yesterday's news.

And that's the real truth about Tiger Woods -- he is yesterday's news.

The photo above, taken several months ago, shows a sobbing Tiger Woods' receiving encouragement from his long-time caddy Steve Williams. Maybe it's time for more hugs from Williams.