Aug 20, 2010

Report: polls show Obama policies turning voters off

Douglas Schoen (pictured) has an article at the link below reporting that voters are tired of Obama pursuing policies they don’t want.

Schoen is a former Democrat pollster, political analyst and writer. He has always been a rabid Clinton supporter. Now he doesn't like what he sees in Obama.

There is a fundamental problem with the way President Obama has governed.

Since taking office, he has systematically put forth policies the American people do not want. The net result is a crisis of confidence and legitimacy in the American political system and our institutions.

The president is now at record low levels of approval—close to 40 percent overall, and in the mid- to low 30s among swing voters.

Mr. Schoen further says that voters are tired of the president pursuing policies they don’t want, and he’ll find out just how much in November.

The GOP now holds a six- to seven-point advantage in the generic vote for Congress—which, come November, almost certainly will give the Republicans control of the House and make control of the Senate a real possibility as well.

Put simply, we are looking at an unprecedented electoral blowout because the administration has made a systematic set of bad decisions that have had an adverse impact on public opinion.