Aug 31, 2010

Obama photo in a caption contest

This photo is making the rounds on the Internet. It has been given many different captions.

The photo appears to show the leader of the free world perplexed by an umbrella that won't go through a gate during his recent visit to New Orleans.

Following are captions found on various web sites:

1) Let's see, how did Mary Poppins do it?

2) Red beans and rice will do that to ya.

3) This is above my pay grade.

4) It's Bush's fault.

5) It's a Republican plot. Get Axelrod. He'll know what to do.

6) Don't just stare at me Michelle - tell me how to work this thing.

7) If Nagin was still Mayor, he'd know what to do.

8) Outsmarted by an umbrella!