Aug 15, 2010

Kids buy airline tickets and fly from Florida to Tennessee

A report at the link below tells of three kids in Florida that wandered off to Tennessee. Their destination was Dollywood.

Bored on a hot summer day, three Florida youngsters were just sitting around when one sent a text message to another with an adventurous idea.

"Hey do you want to go 2 Tennessee today," the message read.

"Sure," the other responded.

The kids were 15, 13 and 11 -- not old enough to get a driver's license. They took a taxi to the Jacksonville airport and boarded a flight to Nashville.

Nobody asked a question. Nobody asked for
Not the taxi driver. Not the ticket counter. Not security officials or flight attendants or other passengers.

When they landed in Nashville they were down to just $40 and Dollywood was hundreds of miles away. That's when they called home.

In an age of heightened security and terrorism threats, some are concerned that three youngsters could so easily board an airline without parental consent.