Jul 23, 2010

Las Vegas firm suing bloggers for copyright infringement

It has been well documented that a large number of newspapers have fallen on financial hard times.

It is not surprising then that an entrepreneur has been buying the copyrights to newspaper content for the sole purpose of suing blogs and websites for copyright infringement when they re-post articles without permission from client newspapers.

Many are small-time bloggers with low readership who just thought they were doing the website a favor and spreading the word as in free advertising.

Linking to an article is not copyright infringement. Copying an excerpt from an article is not copyright infringement. However, copying and pasting the article is copyright infringement.

This firm seems to be going after minute infringement which has angered those with small low-traffic blogs targeted unfairly.

Perhaps the firm is counting on the fact that most will find it cheaper to settle than to hire legal representation and go to court to fight the charge.

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