Jul 20, 2010

Indiana group needs to get their ducks in a row

A colorful flock of 17,000 plastic ducks were released on the Saint Joseph River on June 20th by a Fort Wayne children's service group as part of the 22nd annual Duck Race.

The event raises thousands for SCAN, or Stop Child Abuse and Neglect. Stronger than usual currents that day swept 17,000 plastic ducks past the finish line. Since then, all but 1,500 have been caught.

They're 25 cents a piece and we reuse them. We've been doing the duck race, it's our largest fundraiser, we've been doing it for 22 years," explained Jennifer Boen, SCAN communications manager. "Even though we still have 15-hundred out there it represents almost 400 dollars."

The ducks have been spotted as far east as Ohio, and have likely split up, floating down the Saint Joseph, the Saint Mary's and the Maumee.