Aug 1, 2010

A humorous look at a really bad Cable News Network

The article at the link below is fun read satirizing the cellar dwelling MSNBC.

The spoof says MSNBC will be changing its name to MPTV.

One commenter had this suggestion:

Maybe they should call it KKKTV in honor of the late Senator Robert Byrd who was a Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan.

From yet another commenter:

You can change the name, but the underlying lying is still the same.

Anyway, the article at the link below is a humorous spoof of a really bad Cable News Network, MSNBC.

A couple of excerpts:

Faced with years of disaster-level ratings, MSNBC has announced it will change its name to MPTV, Microsoft Progressive Television (the Microsoft name was kept because, well you don’t want to upset Microsoft). Along with the name change is a more family friendly TV lineup.

For example in the late morning there will be a block of game shows, the most promising of which is based on the health care bill and called Take the Money or Let Granny Die. Contestants will be offered the chance to guarantee the funds of their social security retirement plans if they agree to withhold expensive medical treatment from an aging grandparent or other elderly relative.

And don't ya love the photo of a protesting toothless granny holding a sign saying, "Bush Stole My Dentures!"

And this quote is as rich as it is funny:

There are even Sitcoms on this new version of MSNBC. My favorite is called Everybody Hates Keith.

Follow the comedic exploits of arrogant superstar Keith Olbermann as he goes through the day realizing that his opponents hate him, but not understanding that his “friends,” co-workers, family and even his parish priest despise the very sight of him.