Jul 19, 2010

Beyond comment spam

Bloggers have often been the target of comment spam when blog readers post multiple comments to a blog entry. Often these comments contain nonsensical gibberish. Occasionally they may even contain profanity.

We have had our share of comment spam since this blog began in October 2004.

During the past year there is another type of comment spam coming on the scene. The comment itself will often contain a compliment to the blog post. However, it will also contain a link to a commercial website.

Most often the link will bring up an online store selling products ranging from designer shoes to sporting equipment. And then there are also the online sellers of products to enhance female and/or male private body parts.

It's an attempt to get free advertising.

In the past year we have even had links to Mortuary ads included in comments. Times must really be getting bad when morticians try to place advertisements on blogs in the form of comments!

We automatically receive e-mails whenever comments are posted to this blog so it is easy to either delete or edit the spam.