May 5, 2010

Report: The flood everyone forgot

Boudleaux Bryant and his wife Felice wrote the song Rocky Top in just a few minutes almost as a lark while taking a break from a more serious song writing project in 1967.

If the celebrated song-writing duo (pictured) were alive today they may well re-write the song with a new title, Soggy Top to reflect the forgotten flood in Tennessee.

From the report at the link below:

There's been a controversial immigration law passed, sometimes violent protests in its wake.

There's an oil slick the size of a Northeastern state making its way into the marshlands and beaches of the Gulf Coast, potentially ruining miles of coastline and thousands of livelihoods for a long time to come.

There was an unsuccessful bombing attempt in Times Square perpetrated by a man who may have trained at a bomb-making terrorist camp in Pakistan.

Oh, by the way, there is also a disastrous flood in Middle Tennessee that has parts of the state under 10 feet of water.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. This man is pickin’ while Nashville floats away.

The Opry Mills shopping center under water.

Water half way up on the Grand Ole Opry stage door.

A total of 29 people have been killed so far - 19 of them in Tennessee.

It's just that nobody has noticed. Our national news bandwidth is somewhat occupied at the moment.

Besides, Tennessee is a conservative state so why would the feds want to bother?

The forgotten flood story is here.

A 3-minute video showing a house floating down the interstate before imploding is here.