May 16, 2010

Detroit to tear down 10,000 vacant houses in next four years

The war on vacant houses in Detroit took is underway as officials announced plans to demolish about 450 of the most dangerous structures within the next two months.

"It's part of the rebirth we are going through," County Executive Robert Ficano said, surrounded by other local officials and a dozen religious leaders. "These are havens for drugs and other things."

Detroit's mayor wants to tear down 10,000 vacant houses over the next four years and, with them, evict the illegal drug and weapons operations that often move in after residents move out.

Mitt Romney's boyhood home (shown below) is among 3,000 derelict structures Detroit plans to demolish by the end of September as it attacks blight and crime.

There are about 33,000 vacant houses spread across Detroit, while another 50,000 homes are in foreclosure according to Mayor Dave Bing.


How much of the city will go back to farmland?

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