May 7, 2010

Bill Moyers Journal - finally off the air

Many people have been drawn in by the folksy charm of former Lyndon Johnson White House press secretary Bill Moyers (pictured).

His far-left liberal political ideas were shrouded in a pleasing southern homey style.

However, many saw him as a ‘leftist wingnut’ who invited guests to the PBS program Bill Moyers Journal who shared his leftist views. Guests with opposing views almost never appeared on his program.

He held conservative political show hosts in disdain calling one FOX News program “political pornography.”

Now that he has retired, liberals will likely trot out Moyers as some sort of revered source of truth much as they did Jimmy Carter (that is until Carter shamed himself with his anti-Semitism and a semi-plagiarized book) giving Moyers an even greater platform to offer his self-righteous pronouncements.