Apr 26, 2010

Going backwards using Windows 7

We began using Windows Vista in February, 2007, the first week it was available on new computers. We liked Vista and considered it a welcome step up from Windows XP. I work with a lot of graphic images and would never want to return to XP.

Several weeks ago, we purchased a laptop loaded with Windows 7. Things have been going downhill since.

We can’t blame Windows 7, however. The problem is we can no longer use some of our favorite programs such as an early version of Paint Shop Pro by JASC.

We just can’t justify the pricey Photoshop, so have been using Paint Shop Pro v5 for the last twelve years but it won’t work on Windows 7.

By upgrading to Windows 7 Professional, we could run programs in XP mode but then we would lose the advanced graphics handling capabilities found in the latest windows and the move would be counter productive.

The problem was solved by purchasing a used copy of Paint Shop Pro v7 CD and manuals (this version does work on Windows 7) on eBay (auction # 110516020267) for $9.99 plus shipping. For our purpose this was a better choice than any other lower price graphics program available.