Mar 3, 2010

WSJ: healthcare 51-vote option is abuse of power

From the Wall Street Journal regarding the use of ‘reconciliation’ (nuclear option) to ram ObamaCare through:

Abuse of power. An undemocratic disservice to our people and to the Senate's institutional role.

A string of electoral defeats and the great unpopularity of ObamaCare can't stop Democrats from their self-appointed rendezvous with liberal destiny—ramming a bill through Congress on a narrow partisan vote.

What we are about to witness is an extraordinary abuse of traditional Senate rules to pass a bill merely because they think it's good for the rest of us, and because they fear their chance to build a European welfare state may never come again.

Limited to 20 hours of debate, reconciliation bills need a mere 50 votes in the Senate, with the Vice President as tie-breaker, thus circumventing the filibuster.

Both Democrats and Republicans have used reconciliation on budget bills so Democrats are now claiming that using it to pass ObamaCare is no big dealHowever, it was never intended for use on significant multi-billion dollar legislation such as ObamaCare.

Democrats are only resorting to it now because their plan is in so much political trouble—within their own party, and even more among the general public—and because they've failed to make their case through persuasion.

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