Mar 15, 2010

Twitter now has ability to track your location

A short report at the link below says:

Twitter already reveals to the rest of the world what you're doing and what you're thinking, and now the microblogging site can let everyone know where you are as well.

This new feature was made available last week and gives Twitter users the option of including their location when they tweet by way of a tracking tool they can turn on or off.

When the tool is activated, tweets will link to a Google map showing the location of the user.

The growing trend for web services to broadcast people's whereabouts – already picked up by Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt – is expected to be followed by Facebook as well.

Avid Twitter users have been warned to be careful about how and when they harness the power of the new technology, which works by shadowing people through their web browsers.

This is not good news for anyone on the run from the law, creditors, an estranged spouse, etc.