Mar 23, 2010

The Stupak cave-in

The Stupak amendment to the ObamaCare bill restricted federal funding for abortions. It passed in November, marking the only bipartisan vote in this whole health-care fiasco.

When Bart Stupak (pictured) announced Sunday he was now a "yes" on the health-care bill, six Democrats stood with him. Even that handful would have been enough to defeat the bill. Instead, they accepted the fig leaf of an executive order—and threw away all the hard-won gains they had made.

Now Mr. Stupak has thrown it away. By caving at the last hour, he discredited all who stood with him.

The executive order issued by Obama to restrict government funding for abortions isn’t worth the paper it was written on. An executive order can’t change a law but Stupak fell for it.

Will the Stupak amendment of November, 2009 be referred to as the “stupid amendment” from now on?