Mar 18, 2010

ObamaCare: don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t debate - just vote yes

A Democratic staffer says House leaders tentatively plan to ignore or blur the 72-hour rule.

Democrats will to anything get ObamaCare passed even though they realize that the majority of Americans are against the bloated pork-laden bill.

The Rules Committee will meet on Saturday to set the rules for debate. Following the letter of the 72-hour rule would mean no vote before late Sunday, but Democrats have allowed themselves an out.

"The Democratic leadership has declared martial law," reports, "allowing leaders to bring legislation straight to the floor on the same legislative day." That could mean a vote as early as Saturday, with a floor debate of just four hours. The public and members of Congress would have only 48 hours or even less to examine the bill.

Nancy Pelosi said recently, “you can read the bill after it’s passed.”

The report at the link below says Democrats are in a rush for two reasons.

One, the longer they wait, the iffier their chances of assembling a majority of 216 House members.

Two, they're also in a hurry because the Senate needs a minimum of a week of floor debate to pass the expected reconciliation bill full of legislative "fixes."

With Congress set to begin its two-week Easter recess on March 26, Democratic leaders don't want members leaving town before the issue is settled, fearing a pummeling by angry constituents back home that will weaken their resolve.

Look for Democrats to abandon a promise to allow lawmakers 72 hours to read and evaluate the heath-care bill before a vote.

Can you imagine the media outcry if Republicans had tried to cram a monstrous bill like this through congress the way Democrats are doing with ObamaCare?

Instead, 90% of the media are soft-pedaling or remaining silent on the issue.

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