Mar 8, 2010

Bribes threats and rewards to pass healthcare

ObamaCare must be passed by any means possible even though the majority of Americans are opposed to the bill. From a report at the link below:

All aspects of President Obama's Chicago-style tactics are on display as he cajoles, bullies and bribes the House to pass his health care proposals despite the overwhelming public rejection with which they have been met.

To some, he offers bribes as in the case of Congressman Jim Matheson, a Democrat from Utah. Obama got his brother Scott appointed to a federal judgeship.

Matheson, a moderate Democrat, voted against ObamaCare when it first passed the House. After his brother had a judgeship handed to him, Rep. Matheson now says he undecided.

Matheson faces a clear conflict between his district and his conscience on the one hand and the bribe to his brother on the other. The conscience will probably lose.

Even as Matheson basks in the glow of presidential bribery, Eric Massa, a renegade Democrat from the Southern Tier of New York state faces his wrath.

Massa's sin was to vote against ObamaCare. So Pelosi and the ethically challenged House Ethics Committee are investigating him for "verbally abusing" a male member of his staff.

Using "salty language" to express his displeasure with staff work would seem to pale in the light of the many indictable offenses committed by Congressmen down through the years. If it were, Lyndon Johnson would have been impeached.

Massa is being targeted as an example to other Democrats who may be entertaining the thought of voting against ObamaCare.

The attacks on Massa have gotten so bad that he has announced his retirement after only one term in office.

Then comes the case of Congressman Alan Mollohan

Mollohan has had a pesky FBI investigation hanging over his head for a few years. Now, presto, right before the health care vote, it went away. The Justice Department, headed by Attorney General Eric Holder, announced that the FBI was closing the inquiry.

With ObamaCare up for a vote in the next few days, the tactics outlined above send a message to the House, where Nancy Pelosi is having trouble lining up her votes.

Obama will do anything -- anything at all -- to pass this bill.