Feb 25, 2010

Government medicine horrors in England

As the healthcare debate continues in Washington, it’s time to look at just a few of the horrors found under government healthcare in England as reported in the London Daily Mail (first link below) and the London Times (second link below).

These reports from England show that patients are routinely neglected at a National Health Service hospital where hundreds died in squalor.

As John Hinderaker of Power Line so simply and aptly put it (see third link below):

Attitudes under socialism generally leave a lot to be desired.

The report, which follows reviews by the Care Quality Commission and the Department of Health, said that unimaginable suffering had been caused.

Unimaginable suffering--that pretty much sums up government-controlled medicine.

That's our future, though, if the Democrats get their way. They care only about their own power, not about the quality of your medical care.

All government workers and members of labor unions will be exempt from the national healthcare proposed by the Democrats.

Everyone else, except the very rich who can pay for healthcare out of their own pockets, will be subject to government run healthcare (socialized medicine).

We will surely see these horrors here in American after a few years under ObamaCare.

Socialized medicine didn’t take long to evolve into the horrific state that the average Britain faces today.

Link here, here and here.