Jan 6, 2010

Report: Democrats are dropping like flies

An ABC blogs report is titled: Democrats are dropping like flies.

Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter of Colorado, who was in for a tough reelection fight this year, canceled a scheduled fundraiser this evening and has decided not to seek reelection.

The all-but-assured Democratic nominee for governor in Michigan, Lt. Gov. John Cherry, ended his bid today.

Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota announced he will not seek reelection this year.

And then there is Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd who is possibly the most vulnerable statewide Democratic incumbent. Dodd will likely be asked by the party to step aside.

UPDATE - Dodd has already been asked to retire as reported here.

Back to the report on ABC:

You will certainly hear a lot of talk from Republicans that Democrats are beginning to face the reality of just how tough the current political landscape looks for them and they are running for the hills.