Dec 23, 2009

ObamaCare: boon to personal injury trial lawyers

A report at the link below says ObamaCare would deform state medical-liability systems.

There were a lot of special deals made to various Senators to buy their votes.

But few make out better under the congressional leadership’s health-care plans than personal-injury trial lawyers.

In reading the health-care bill approved by the House of Representatives and Harry Reid’s bill pending in the Senate, I find (so far) 26 new opportunities for plaintiff lawyers to sue doctors for malpractice.

At least 26 sections in the House bill and 21 sections in Senator Reid’s bill require that doctors adhere to certain standards of care in patient care, payment initiatives, payment determinations, and wellness-prevention programs that do not now exist in law.

Each of these provisions could be used by a plaintiff’s lawyer to assert that the doctor failed to comply with “best practices” guidelines and become the basis for a medical-malpractice lawsuit.

Among other things, ObamaCare has turned into a medical malpractice lawyers dream!