Oct 16, 2009

What’s up with Facebook anyway?

After receiving e-mail invitations to join Facebook from seven or eight relatives plus a few friends, I finally caved in.

Funny thing - once I began using Facebook I discovered that more than half of them only rarely post anything on Facebook. They mostly just lurk. Occasionally they may click on the “like” link but that’s about all.

Some Facebook postings are dull and boring such as “I ate corn flakes” or “I’m going to take a nap.” I see lots of very interesting postings, however, that more than make up for the bland stuff. Actually, I enjoy it all.

Putting photo albums on Facebook is easy and it’s fun to browse albums posted by family and friends. These albums are made up of photos of family members, scenic travel log type photos, etc.

One photo album even included some classic 1930’s airplanes: Lambert Monocoupe, Beech Staggerwing, Stinson Reliant and a WWII B-25 Mitchell bomber and a bubble canopy P-47 fighter plane.

If you don’t like to see postings from FarmVille, MafiaWars, VampireWars, YoVille etc., they can easily be removed by using the “hide” feature.

MySpace didn’t suit me and I don’t Tweet (I didn’t like the look and feel of Twitter) so I have settled on Facebook as my social networking site.