Oct 12, 2009

A look at the morally bankrupt WH advisors

A report at the link below is titled: Ship of Fools: Obama's Intimates and Advisors.

The report shows thumbnail descriptions of only a very small sampling of what the report calls:

The locust horde of Leftist bureaucrats President Barack Hussein Obama has deliberately chosen to help him grasp the helm of America's ship of state, strip it from the American people, and steer it hard to port.

The report does not mince words and goes on to say:

The Obama Administration is plainly subverting democracy in America, wildly careening our previous 230-year history of democracy so dangerously Leftward that after a mere nine months we are in terrible danger of sinking.

Make no mistake. These people are about Socialism, and they are about power. Their power.

Below are the names of the sampling of what the article calls President Barack Hussein Obama's morally bankrupt White House "Brain Trust" (the thumbnail descriptions for each of the names are at the link below).

1. Valerie Jarrett
2. Patrick Gaspard
3. Eric Holder
4. Cecelia Muñoz
5. Samantha Power(s)
6. Charles Freeman
7. Scott Gration
8. Rahm Emmanuel
9. Ezekiel Emmanuel
10. Cass Sunstein
11. Van Jones
12. Carol Browner
13. John Holdren
14. Kevin Jennings
15. Chai Feldblum
16. William Ayers